Business Owners and Executives face a complex set of legal challenges. Selecting the RIGHT Attorney to represent Your Business is among the most important. The law office of Robert Nutt, MBA, JD exists to serve legal needs of Business.  Our business experience combined with legal counsel helps you avoid problems. Our legal skill in business matters helps you prevent problems before they occur and minimize damages afterwards.  Robert Nutt, MBA, JD, Business Attorney.

Proactive Legal Counsel to Preserve Business Value


  • Selecting the Right Business Entity (S-Corp, LLC, etc)
  • Effective Leadership (key people working together)
  • Growing the Top-Line & Protecting the Bottom-Line

Legal Best Practices to Grow the Business (Organic)

  • HOW to Avoid Disputes between Key Stakeholders
  • Partnership/Operating/Shareholder Agreements
  • W-2 Employee & 1099-Contractor Agreements
  • Sales Contracts & Service Agreements
  • Major Supplier Contract Review

Avoiding Litigation First; and, Prevailing When Called

Going to the Next Level (Strategic)

  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Franchise Agreements & Commercial Contracts

Faithfully Protecting Business Owners 

  • Trademark Application & Trade Name Defense
  • Allegations of Discrimination
  • Unfounded Harassment
  • Rights in Termination
  • Preventing and Prevailing in Lawsuits