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The Law Firm of Robert Nutt, MBA, JD provides expert legal counsel to business owners and business professionals.  Located in Virginia Beach, our attorneys have deep business backgrounds to understand your unique business and the relationships essential for success.

We draft shareholder and operating agreements that accurately reflect the mutual understandings necessary for the protection and prosperity of the business.  Our employee agreements effectively govern employer-employee relationships to maximize business protection and minimize litigation risks.  We draft independent contractor and business service agreements to ensure our clients receive the benefits of the contract and are able to enforce their legal rights if/when necessary.

Our approach begins with understanding our clients, their business and their unique success factors.  We work proactively, not only to minimize business and legal risks; but also, to spot business opportunities.

to What We Do

The Law Firm of Robert Nutt, MBA, JD, not only assists entrepreneurs with the basics of setting up LLC and S-Corporations, we also advise clients in business law and contracts for both negotiation and litigation.

We provide unique value by combining business advice with legal service.  In an advisory capacity, our attorneys help guide your business.  With the ability to practice law, our attorneys can then transform that strategy into wealth-creating business-contracts.  We understand the importance of business relationships and the necessity to negotiate agreements from a position of legal strength.

Our approach combines business advisory with legal service.  Our Attorneys bring substantial business & consulting experience, to their practice of law.  The result is a law firm that understands your business and can advise you on complex business/legal issues.  From friendly negotiations to highly contested litigation, Robert Nutt MBA, JD, protects your business and promotes your profitability.

Key Outcomes

Advised entrepreneur on sales strategies and architecting the customer experience; net result, effectively tripled growth rate.

Successfully negotiated insurance claim with carrier who refused to pay an obvious claim; net result, received full payment from insurance company and satisfactory repairs.

Advised start-up restaurant owner on investment capital and contracting issues; net result, raised sufficient start-up capital to open and preserved 80% equity for owners.

Represented franchisee terminating relationship with franchisor; net result, avoided draconian penalties and negotiated a fair financial and legal separation.

Effectively represented client in loan negotiations; net result, reduced principal balance from $165,000 to a single payment of $17,500.

Reclaimed wasted space on the back of client estimate form; net result, placed essential contract language in every new estimate for client, including ability to ensure payment.

Assisted client in sale of business including selection and coordination of business brokers; net result, client delighted with net purchase price and ability to do new things.

Protected high growth business model; net result, non-disclosures protect initial discussions and independent dealer forms ensure profitability without competitive risk.

Enhanced protections in employment agreements; net result, employer able to cleanly terminate employees for cause and avoid any lengthy trial if employee tries to litigate.

Draft LLC Operating Agreements; net result, protection for business owners that truly limit liability of members, define what should happen when a member leaves, allow for new members and detail rules for both profit distribution and capital contribution.

Provide business counseling on the death of a business partner; net result, settled liabilities, guided employee & management plans and ensured business survival.

Submitted trademark applications with US Patent & Trademark Office; net result, obtained global trademarks for business names and product lines.

Negotiated payment in complex landlord tenant dispute; net result, client received fair cash payment despite other party’s pending bankruptcy.

Defended homeowner in unjust foreclosure; net result, client retained home, refinanced at highly competitive rates and is in process of obtaining large cash settlement.

Represented disabled individual with Social Security Administration; net result, client received maximum Disability & SSI assistance and re-established quality of life.

Responded to unjust illegal download complaint; net result, ended harassment of client by foreign law firm with zero cash settlement.

Skillfully pursued complex breach of contract claim; net result, client received full payment, offending employees of other company disciplined and relationship restored.

Fearlessly defended complex breach of contract claim; net result, opposing party dropped lawsuit with zero cash settlement.

Respond to lawsuit from disgruntled former employee seeking payment; net result, prevailed in court, employee discharged for cause not entitled to residuals per contract.

Properly interpreted franchise and commercial lease agreements for client going out of business; net result, fair financial settlements obtained from both landlord and franchisor.

Effectively set up Virginia S-Corporation including shareholder agreement; net result, client received benefits of Delaware Incorporation in a Virginia Business Entity.

Carefully drafted non-compete agreement; net result, protected truly creative business idea and allowed founder to approach necessary partners without creating competitors.

Represented owner in all aspects of his business; net result, educated his two sons in the legal aspects of running a unique business to help ensure their success when dad retires.

Stood up for entrepreneur after his business failed; net result, applied Federal Law to discharge a $1.4 million state law claim against him for breach of a commercial lease.

Advised internet start-up on legal issues; net result, created global non-disclosure / non-compete / non-solicitation agreement to keep partners from becoming competitors.

Architected franchise growth strategies for multiple businesses; net result, enabling local businesses with fast track growth tools, access to franchise dealer networks and profit$$.

Advised and defended business owner who fell victim to sophisticated internet banking fraud; net result, recovered 90% from receiving banks & reversed insurance claim denial.

Represented various buyers and sellers in real-estate transactions; net result, providing affordable client options in not only traditional; but also, contested real-estate closings.

Negotiated termination of employment; net result, minimized financial cost to employee as employer sought to impose recovery of sales draw and training material expense.

Prepared articles of organization, shareholder agreement and IRS-1023; net result, established not-for-profit organization for worldwide distribution of medicine.

Negotiated termination of property management agreement; net result, property owner able to discharge non-performing leasing agent despite agent’s one-sided contract.

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