Robert Nutt, MBA, JD – Attorney & Counselor at Law


  • The Law Firm of Robert Nutt, MBA, JD Creates Legally Sound Contracts in Your Favor.
  • We Review, Draft and Negotiate:
    • Understandable Agreements that Courts Enforce.
  • We blend Agreement Essence with Legal Boilerplate
    • Traditional job descriptions (which clients can edit) are referenced by Comprehensive Employment Contracts, Protecting the Business in All Employment Relationships.
    • Proven Work Orders (Written by Clients) are integrated into Master Customer Agreements, maximizing flexibility on the job site with full legal protection to the business.
  • From initial non-disclosure agreement, through supplier, contractor, employee, partnership, operating and other agreements, We Protect Your Confidential Information.
  • Our contract review process  – Identify danger clauses to negotiate as well as deals to walk away from.
  • We protect business clients and help them prosper.

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